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Update - 2018.06.06

Please read the following Privacy Carefully before using this site. Your usage of this site implies your acceptance of all the Terms of Use and agreement to the Privacy Terms of


  1. Collection of Personal Information

By using this site, you agree that BesttoBuyinIndia might collect and record your information from time to time. Following kinds of information can be collected.

1(a). Personal Information

In relation to any feature of the site that requires you to fill out a form, sign up, register or communicate in any way, you might be asked to enter your personal information like name, telephone number, address or email ID.

1(b). Browsing Information

When you access this site, you agree that we might collect the information related to your browser, search results, geolocation or search history.

1(c). Location & IP Address

On your interaction with the site, we may collect the information related to your IP address or server location. If you choose to change your location, the results will be displayed according to the location provided by you.

1(d). Cookies

This site may make the use of cookies which are short length text files located in your device. When you visit our site, we might collect the date and time of your visit and the time you spent on each page. In most browsers, cookies are enabled by default. If you wish to disable the cookies, you can change this in your browser settings.

  1. Information about Children

We strongly recommend children below 13 years not to use this website. If you are below 13 years of age and using this site, we will not collect any information related to you.

  1. Copyright

All the content used on the site including text, graphics, videos, audios or any kind of content is under our copyright until and unless specified in the references. Under any event, no third party holds any right to use the copyrighted content from this site. In case of any copyright infringement or distribution of manipulated content with our website’s name without our legal written consent, BesttoBuyinIndia can take legal action against the party without a prior notice or warning.

  1. Modifications in Policy

BesttoBuyinIndia holds the right to update or change the Privacy Policy Terms on this website from time to time. Whenever the policy is modified, the “Last Updated on” line at the top will be updated. It is the sole responsibility of the user to review the changes posted in the policy. The continued use of this site by the user shall indicate that user accepts the updated privacy terms and will abide by that. BesttoBuyinIndia is not responsible for notifying any user about the amendments made in the Policy.

  1. Use of Information

We make use of the user information to improve our website functionality and enhance user experience. Your personal information might be used for providing you with certain features, for sending emails & newsletters, for marketing or for other kinds of business communications. Your non-personal information like browser history and IP address will be used to provide you with the best matching reviews of products and services.

  1. Security of Public Information

We bear no responsibility to the content you enter in public sections including comments on the website. If you do not wish to disclose some information, do not enter it in public forums or any public sections of the website.

  1. Opt Out of Communications

While you are accessing this site or sharing your information, we might send you emails, newsletters and other online materials as mentioned above. However, if you do not wish to receive this information from this site, you can opt out of the communication by unsubscribing to our mail.

  1. Governing Law

This site follows the laws as governed by the Republic of India. If you belong to some other nationality, BesttoBuyinIndia will not be responsible for the compliance of laws of your region, state or country. If you submit any kind of personal information, it will be used only in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India.