Top 5 Best Umbrella Brands for Men

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When we go back in time and look at the fashion of the previous few centuries, men and women were equally in love with some accessories which are now considered to be ‘Just for Female’. One such equipment of daily use is Umbrella. It is the twenty-first century where we want everything to be handy and pocket-sized so that we don’t have to carry huge loads with us everywhere we go but earlier a good quality umbrella was a telltale of the person’s riches and of course, his status. An umbrella is one of the most important equipment that every man should have with him. Instead of reaching your office or to a date all soaked in water, carrying a good umbrella wouldn’t hurt much. In fact, it will save you a lot more embarrassment for not having an umbrella and even give you a chance to recreate the famous romantic scenes from the Hollywood movies. Jokes apart, we all know the havoc that carrying an umbrella can be, such that, its huge size which requires all your strength to carry and the unfold able structure which means you have to carry as it is wherever you go. And after the umbrella is soaked with water, there is no way that you can dry it off in your office or a restaurant. These things might make you hate using an umbrella but given a good taste and style, you could actually choose the one which suits your personality and is handy, just as you like.

Read below and discover the Top 5 Best Umbrellas for Men. These 5 umbrellas are perfect for your office, sporty vacation or casual day to day activities.


  1. Style Homez Fashionable Wine Bottle shaped Umbrella for Men

Style Homez Fashionable Wine Bottle Blue 110 cm Travel Umbrella


  • This is a long-lasting and extremely durable umbrella for men.
  • It is foldable that is, you can carry it with great ease anywhere and everywhere.
  • It has a strap on its cover which makes you able to comfortably carry it around.
  • The umbrella is made of superior quality ABS plastic which is 100% waterproof.
  • This umbrella also comes with 6 months of warranty in case of any breakage of the torn umbrella.
  • Its blue color will suit your personality just about right.



  1. MSE Folding Umbrella

MSE Folding umbrella wine bottle umbrella


  • If you are a man of style then you need this black colored, wine bottle shaped umbrella in your life.
  • It can be folded as small as a wine bottle and takes minimum space in your bag pack.
  • Its jet black color will compliment your manly yet stylish personality.
  • This MSE black colored umbrella is made of DECA and polyester material which is certified for being long lasting and waterproof.
  • This umbrella has an overall diameter of around 110cm which can easily include minimum two people under its cover.



  1. Shroff’s Anchor 3-fold Umbrella

Shroff's Anchor 3-Fold White Umbrella


  • With a rating of 4.5 stars, the 3-Fold Shroff’s Anchor Umbrella is one of the customers most favored choice.
  • After you fold it, this umbrella can be reduced to as small as 30 cm.
  • It is white in color which definitely suits a peace-loving and stylish man.
  • The frame of this umbrella is made of stainless steel which makes it sturdy and easy to fold & unfold.
  • The Shroff’s umbrella has a hoop like a strap which makes it easy to hold it when folded.



  1. Prosmart Black & Blue Stick Umbrella

Prosmart Black & Blue Stick Umbrella


  • If you were looking for a technological advancement in the case of an umbrella then this is it.
  • It is a reversible umbrella which has and double layer that enables you to dry away the raindrops without letting a puddle of flood beneath.
  • The handle of this umbrella is really thoughtfully designed so that you don’t have to hold it by hurting your hands and arms.
  • This umbrella is also windproof which will save you from the storm that comes before a rainfall.




  1. Veena Portable Outdoor Sports Sun Shade Umbrella

Watermelon Peel : Portable Outdoor Sports Sun Shade Umbrella Hat Cap Folding


  • Everyone is well aware of the fact that holding an umbrella could be a tedious task. This trouble has been solved by this over-the-head umbrella which fits on your head.
  • It is perfect for your outdoor activities such as a beach holiday or simply volleyball in your garden.
  • It is 100% waterproof and will save you from the harsh UV rays which could spoil the fun of your outdoor games.
  • It is available in an array of options in colors starting from watermelon inspired to a multi-colored option.
  • The size could be customized according to your age.



Choose one of the above given umbrellas and enjoy the pouring rain without a fear of getting all soaked up in it.

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