Best Remote Control Helicopters in India in 2020

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Who does not remember their childhood days with remote control toys, especially the helicopter that gave us goals to become a pilot as an adult? These Best Remote Control Helicopters are not just desired by kids but also the adults for its never old the desire to fly really high. A remote control helicopter was and will always be the favorite birthday gift for every child. The feeling of controlling a flying machine is unmatched for. If your kid’s birthday is around the corner buy him a remote control helicopter, maybe a couple of them the smile would be something you have never seen before.

To help you with your remote control shopping spree, here is a list of top-rated Best Remote Control Helicopters online. 


  1. SuperToy Flying Remote Control Helicopter

SuperToy(TM) Flying Remote Control Helicopter


  • This is a highly rated helicopter with multi-color LED lights that glow while it takes a flight high up in the air.
  • The helicopter works on battery, its charger is included within the deal.
  • The remote control that comes with the helicopter is very effective and follows all the functions appropriately.
  • It can fly up to the highest height of 15 meters.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars


  • This is a sleek and lightweight remote control helicopter.
  • It has three pair of propeller wings that make it flight even more efficient.
  • Its high power remote control will enable you to give desired directions to the helicopter.


  • It is the extremely light weight which can cause instability while flying.
  • It is expensive than other models in the list.



  1. The Flyers Bay Controlled Helicopter

The Flyer's Bay 2.0 Powerful Radio Controlled Helicopter, Blue


  • This powerful remote-controlled helicopter has advanced technology to take instant commands.
  • Its premium quality body makes its flight even better and maintains its equilibrium while flying in the air.
  • Its aerodynamic design which is specially designed looking at real airplanes.
  • It’s indoor and outdoor flight ability is due to the superior advanced features.
  • It has an amazing stability which can hold it up in the air for a few minutes.
  • Its remote control is appreciable effective in controlling its directions.
  • Rating: 3.5 stars


  • It works on the battery operated system.
  • Its remote control is of superior quality.
  • It is good quality and an efficient helicopter which can bring a smile to your kid’s face.


  • Its batteries are not rechargeable.
  • It is heavier than other models.


  1. Saffire Remote Control Helicopter


  • This remote control helicopter has a state of the art technology which is sure to blow your minds.
  • It consumes 1000 watt of power and takes a wonderful flight in the air.
  • It is designed to be safe for use by a child aged 8 years and above.
  • It can fly up to a maximum range of 6 meters which is enough for a high power helicopter as this.
  • This deal in inclusive of a radio remote control which gives out signals for up and down, left and right and makes the flight super easy and fun.
  • Its 180 mah power battery can run for as long as one day.
  • Its lightweight metal body has a sleek streamlined body shape which ensures long-lasting performance and a superior helicopter flying experience.
  • Rating: 3.5 stars


  • This is a children’s favorite helicopter which will make for an absolute daily time pass.
  • Its high power batteries make up for an efficient flying machine.


  • It has a less lived battery life which expires really soon.


  1. Webby V Max Remote Control Helicopter

Best Remote Control Helicopters

  • This super power helicopter has an impressive range of 15 meters in the air.
  • It has a lightweight body which makes it flight super fast.
  • Its remote control does all the usual mechanisms of forwarding backward and either sideways.
  • This helicopter works on 550 watts of energy and its battery can last up to a day.
  • It has the ability to stay still in the air for the longest of time.
  • It is super affordable and efficient.
  • Its shape gives it easy turning and flying ability.
  • Rating: 3 stars


  • This is a very easy to operate helicopter which is merely controlled by the jockeys on the remote control.
  • Its propellers are shaped such that they can cut through the air resistance.


  • It’s too lightweight that it could lose its efficiency while flying.


These helicopters will make an amazing gift to any kid that you know. Who knows flying a remote control helicopter could lead your child up to dream of becoming a pilot? Therefore, make a wise choice and buy the best helicopter for it could make a lot of difference in your prodigy’s life.

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