Top 5 Best High Speed Table Fans for Summer 2020 – Our Best Picks Available in India

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It’s not unknown a fact that summer season is getting increasingly difficult to bear year after year. To beat the heat of summers one can’t rely on air conditioners alone. The reason is simple, high electric bills which will be added on to the pain if summer days. The solution to this is simple, a high power fan which is capable of giving you direct air. Well, a ceiling fan most certainly can’t do that bring home a table fan and enjoy continuous cool air without being worried about electric bills either. A table fan is portable and it is the best way to escape the scorching heat of the sun. To help you buy the best high speed table fans for summer given below is a guide to factors to keep in mind while making a purchase as well as, Top 5 best high speed table fans for summer. This list will include the best high speed table fans 2020 with latest technological advances.

What are The Benefits that One can Leverage After Buying a Table Fan?

As mentioned above, a table fan is very functional. It is not only a fan but can give you air conditioner like cooling effect. Read below to discover benefits of buying a table fan.

  • It is cheaper than other air circulation products.
  • A Table Fan uses no installation or fittings.
  • A Table Fan does not cause pollution as it gives minimum carbon emissions.
  • It consumes considerably less wattage power which means that your electric bill will be relaxed.
  • The best use of a table fan is that it maximizes the working efficiency of an air conditioner by evenly circulating its air. This will decrease over usage of the air conditioner and thus, decrease electric bills and environmental pollution.
  • Since it is a table fan one can place it nearby and experience close and ultimate cooling experience.

Things to Remember while Purchasing a Table Fan:

There are innumerable Table Fan brands in India, each one a little different from one another. But there are few factors that remain, more or less, the same in all table fans. These should be sincerely kept in mind if you are buying a table fan anytime soon. By following these factors you will be ensured that you have shortlisted the best product.

  1. The Fan Size

It is most obvious that fan size is totally a buyer’s own choice, but again it makes up the most important factor. The best table fans to use are of 12, 16 and 20 inches. A myth that comes along here us that smaller fan is better. The myth buster that I have for you is the fact that buggers the fan the noiseless it is. A large fan is far quieter in comparison to a smaller fan. If you turn a large fan on low-speed setting it will give more cooling and quiet working than a smaller fan working in a high-speed setting.

  1. Noiselessness

It is not unknown a fact that every user desires to buy a fan which is quieter to use and thus, less irritable. Noiselessness depends entirely on the making of a table fan. Therefore, when you are buying a table fan make sure you buy a high-quality fan with durable and high power motor. Most often, a low-grade motor makes a lot of noise and it can be very irritating. Another factor is as mentioned above, that is, a larger fan to reduce noise.

  1. Quality of Material

This is one of those factors which buyers usually neglect in order to save a few hundred bucks but the saved money will overpower you when the low quality plastic made fan will not last very long. The myth that gives rise to this is the fact that steel or bronze made fans rust within a few months. Well, if you were to trust the modern advances then all the metal-based appliances come chrome coated. This is to ensure that the fan does not rust and also a stronger and durable body.

  1. Detachable Grills

It is most evident that if we use any appliance it is sure to get dirty. In case of a table fan, the grills can get clogged with dust and other suspended particles present in the air. A removable grill will ensure that you can regularly clean the grills and maintain the hygiene conditions of the table fan.

  1. An oscillating Grill

If you are looking for best table fan then it should be able to fulfill the cooling and circulation task. It is best done if the table fan has oscillating grills in it, to successfully swing the air in every direction of your need. Table Fans which have angled rotating front grills are best to direct air in a particular direction. But one drawback of having rotational grills is that they can get noisy after a few month of use. In most cases, it stops functioning and thus, become more or less, non-usable.

  1. High Power Motor

In technical terms, the best table fan is one which is capable of circulating maximum volumes of air, that is, maximum cubic feet per minute. Do not forget to ask or read the CFM before making a purchase. The other thing to consider is how much wattage power a table fan should consume? It is most obvious that the less the power consumption more efficient and less will be your electric bills. An ideal table fan should consume the average power of 50-100 watts.

How we Chose the Best High Speed table Fans for Summer:

It is important to know the points on which the Top 5 Table Fans given below have been chosen on. To know them, read the table given below:

Brand Name Motor Type CFM Power Consumption Speed Settings Warranty Price
Luminous High Speed 380 55 none 1
Vguard High Speed 1200 40 3 1
Crompton High Speed 1300 50 4 2
Havells High Speed 2200 52 2 2
Bajaj High Speed 2300 48 none 1


Best High Speed Table Fans for Summer Picks of 2020

  1. Luminous Buddy Table Fan

 Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High Speed Personal Fan (Royal Orange)

  • This is a very stylish and designer table fan which will complement your interiors.
  • Its CFM number is 2800 which is very impressive.
  • It delivers 380 CMM of air every minute which is sufficient for someone who is looking for a very fast working table fan.
  • Its angled grills are very functional in order to direct air in all directions.
  • It works on 55 wattages of power consumption.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 1,399
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • This is one of the ideal table fans which is efficient in its usage and also looks good.


  • It does not have removable grills.



  1. VGuard Table Fan

 VGuard Personal fan Lap Breeze 250mm sweep size with speed control


  • It is safe to say that the Vguard Table Fan is the best fan ever.
  • It has 3-speed control settings, that is, high, medium and low.
  • This Table Fan also has 3 oscillation speed controls.
  • This Table fan is made up of high-quality material which is extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Its CFM number is 1200.
  • The wattage consumption of this fan is just 40 watts.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Price: 1,799
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • One can’t find a more efficient table fan in this price range as well as, good-looking design.


  • This Table Fan has very low height.


  1. Crompton High Flo Eva Table Fan

best high speed table fans for summer


  • Crompton is the best fan making company which makes this table fan a must have.
  • It is made of the high-grade plastic body which is durable.
  • Its CFM number is 1300.
  • With an air delivery of 70 CUM per minute, this fan can deliver high volumes of air circulation.
  • It consumes 50 wattage and 220 volts of power consumption.
  • It has a wider base to make it shock resistant.
  • It has various speed settings.
  • This Table Fan can change the direction manually.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 1,860
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • A durable plastic body is a very rare phenomenon and this fan fulfills that along with being a good table fan at an affordable price.


  • This fan does not have easily removable grills.



  1. Havells I-Cool Table Fan

Havells I-Cool 175mm Personal Fan (Black/Silver)


  • This is a very designer and good looking yet portable table fan which comes in a rich looking silver color.
  • It has highest CFM number of 2200.
  • With 52 wattages of power consumption, this table fan will not cause a tension on your electric bills.
  • It has a unique propeller which is fitted into deep pitched blades for best air circulation.
  • This Table Fan can be multi-used by mounting it on walls and ceiling as well.
  • It has two-speed control settings.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 2,003
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • It is made of highest grade plastic body and has specially angled blades.


  • It is of an extremely small size which is incapable of cooling bigger rooms.


  1. Bajaj Ultima PT01 Table Fan

 Bajaj Ultima PT01 14 Inch Small Table Fan (White)


  • It is made up of moderate quality plastic.
  • Its CFM number is 2300 rotations per minute which are very impressive.
  • It consumes a power of 48 watts and 220 volts of the usual power supply.
  • It is specifically designed for tablets such as study tables.
  • Its broader base is used for shockproof usage.
  • It has 4 blades.
  • Rating: 3 stars
  • Price: 979
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • The Bajaj Table is very functional and easy to operate Table Fan which has an on and off button on its side.


  • This table fan does not have speed settings or removable grills.


So, here’s the list which includes top picks of Table Fans for summer 2018. Choose the best one for you and have a cooler summer than worrying about your electric bills and the scorching heat.

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