Top 4 Best Hair Dryers in India in 2020

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Having a hair dryer is of utmost importance considering the fast life and no time to allow natural dry. Moreover, a hair dryer is not just a hair drying instrument but the key object to shape the hair as and how you wish. With high-quality hair dryer and suitable adjustments, one can achieve desired celebrity look with a salon finish touch and absolutely no mess. Who does not love to have a best hair dryers like one of their favorite actors? If you do, you should definitely buy a hairdryer. A straight blow dry or waves whatever you wish, you can get it done to your hair with a hair dryer alone.

With ample of choices and prices available in the market, it is hard for a person to make a choice into buying the Best Hair Dryers for themselves. Given below is a list of Best Hair Dryers available in India. This list will help you find the hair dryer which suits your requirement perfectly and also being budget friendly.

  1. Sonar Sn-43 Salon Hair Dryer

Sonar SN-9910 Heavy Duty Hair Dryer - Black 1 Pcs


  • This hair dryer promises to give you shiny and frizz-free finish.
  • It has high performance and gives the quickest drying results.
  • It has 3 heat settings with 2-speed controls to adjust on your desired temperature and pace.
  • It has a concentration nozzle to make it easier for you to style your hair upwards or inwards, even downwards.
  • It has a removable filter which enables you to clean it to avoid any bacterial growths.
  • It has a cool shot button to finish the styling and lock it in its place.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Price: 899


  • It has negative ions which result in softer and static free hair.
  • Its versatility is unmatched for.
  • With a 1.8 m long cord, it will make sure your wrist is under no stress.


  • Its grip is hard to adjust with.


  1. Chaoba Professional Prominent Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryers


  • This is a new generation 2000 watt compact hair dryer with the modern and elegant design.
  • It is best for professional use given its high wattage usage.
  • It is also efficient to be used at home for personal use.
  • It has a powerful wind motor fan to give you a soft and shiny finish.
  • It has a cold air feature to give the least damage to your hair and a static less finish.
  • With2 speed settings you can easily tame your hair while styling it.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 685


  • This is a very efficient hair dryer.
  • With a multi-purpose use, it is of great utility.
  • With hot and cold air setting you are given two choices to adjust the dryer with your hair quality.
  • Having a 2 m long wire it is very easy to twist and rotate your wrist free off any stress.


  • It has only one adjustment.



  1. Philips Hair Dryer

Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer


  • This is a 1000 watt hair dryer perfectly fit for use at home by one and all.
  • It allows an optimum amount of airflow to enable gentle drying effect with minimum damage to the hair.
  • It has minimum heat emission which is perfectly fit for everyday use.
  • It comes with a narrow concentrator adjustment to enable focused airflow and style the hair.
  • The thermal protect setting that comes in this hair dryer is specially designed for least damaging to hair.
  • The cool air setting is best for static less hair finishing.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 890


  • Its compact design is really easy to handle for someone non-professional.
  • Its wattage is enough to be used at home.
  • It has various settings all curate to give the least damage to your hair.


  • It is not fit to be used professionally in a salon.



  1. Syska Unisex Hair Dryer

SYSKA HD1605 1000W Hair Dryer for Women and Men (Soft White)


  • This 1000 watt trendy looking hair dryer is all you want to make your day filled with glam.
  • It is easy to operate and use considering its bending neck which will give you an effortlessly chic look.
  • The 2-speed function is best for flexible usage and ensures the moisture in your hair is maintained.
  • The overheat protection feature is best to ensure your hair is not damaged by overusing of heat on them.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Price: 824


  • Its heat balance and low voice technology make it the best hair dryer to have.
  • It comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.
  • Its foldable design makes it highly portable.
  • It has a health breeze mode to give your hair a gist of natural cold breeze.


  • This hair dryer does not have a narrow concentrator adjustment with it.



Above mentioned 4 hair dryers are the topmost rated and customer friendly hair dryers. Choose wisely while taking into consideration your budget. 

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