Top 6 Best Fidget Spinners in 2020 in India

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The new trend of twenty first century is that every year there is some toy or game which rules over our lives. Just like the Pokémon Go ruled the entire year of 2016, our 2017 was pretty much ruled by the Fidget Spinners and likes of the same. Every child and adult was seen spinning a fidget spinner in their hands all around the entire year of 2017. It is only safe to say that this trend did not end with 2017 but it is pretty much the top favorite choice in toys for most of the parents and kids themselves.

The Fidget Spinners are not just a good player for the user; in fact, it is known to have other features, such as curing anxiety, tension, and eerie feeling and nerve disorders. All these features cannot stop you from using the fidget spinners, can it?

Well, if you are looking to award your kid a Good boy’s gift then there is nothing better than a Fidget Spinner. Have a look at the list given below which includes the exotic Captain America shield like fidget spinner and the Dollar shaped.

Here is the List of Top 6 Best Fidget Spinners in India


  1. Premsons Gold Skull Design Cool Fashionable Fidget Spinner

Gold-Skull Design Cool Fashion Skull Design Fidget Hand Spinner


  • This fidget spinner has skull, unlike the usual fidget spinners that have round wings.
  • It has a very attractive, golden chrome color which makes it look attractive.
  • This fidget spinner can be detached, dismantled and reassembled even if its pieces fall apart.
  • It is an ultimate buy for your children if they love adventure and out of the box items.
  • Its metal body is very long lasting and has a matte finish.
  • Rating: 4 stars



  1. Junos metal multi-colored hand spinner

Best Fidget Spinners


  • Its multicolored body is really an attractive option for all those kids who love vivid colors.
  • This fidget spinner has mystic properties, such as curing restlessness and nerve disorders by training the mind.
  • The Junos metal fidget spinner has high quality bearings which make the spinning more ideal and it lasts for as long as 2-3 minutes.
  • Its heavy metal body ensures its durability.
  • Rating: 4 stars



  1. Excel Productions Captain America Metal Shield Spinner Hand Spinner

Excel Productions Captain America Metal Shield Hand Spinner, Red


  • If your children love to watch the Marvel’s Avengers, then they surely deserve the Captain America’s shield fidget spinner to flex in their group of friends.
  • It has a very unusual design unlike the normal fidget spinners having three winged bodies. Instead, it has around body without any wings but actually in the shape of the shield.
  • The color of this fidget spinner is exactly like that of the American Flag.
  • Rating: 4 stars



  1. Toyshine Dollar shaped golden colored fidget spinner

Toyshine Fidget Spinner with Long Lasting Smooth Spin, Dollar Gold


  • The stress releasing Toyshine fidget spinner is very fun to play with.
  • It is made of high grade plastic which ensures a smooth spin yet being long lasting.
  • Its dollar shapes give super euphoric effect to the user who enjoys the power of the dollar in his hand.
  • It is not just a good time pass, but it is known to have anxiety releasing properties.
  • This fidget spinner has ceramic bearings which are known to offer the smoothest, friction-free spinning experience.
  • Rating: 4 stars



  1. Toyshine water droplet like Fidget spinner

Toyshine Fidget Spinner with Long Lasting Smooth Spin, Gold


  • This Toy shine Fidget Spinner has 6 instead of 3 usual water droplet like wings made up of long lasting metal body.
  • It has a very attractive golden colored body which looks amazing while spinning.
  • The Toy shine Fidget Spinner gives euphoric experience by releasing tension and anxiety.
  • The Ceramic bearings present inside this fidget spinner make it super friction less and thus, smooth spinning.
  • Rating: 3 stars



  1. The Flyers Bay Metal Harry Potter Fidget Spinner

The Flyers Bay Metal Harry Potter Fidget Spinner, Multi Color


  • If you are a Potter’s head then I am sure that all of you must have fantasized about having the magical Harry Potter Fidget Spinner.
  • The Flyers Bay has brought to you, your very own version of the Harry Potter Fidget Spinner.
  • It has the perfect shape and is portable to be carried in one’s pocket.
  • The fidget spinner has the golden circular body and a pair of silver colored bird like wings.
  • Rating: 4 stars



If the aforementioned list didn’t have you’re ‘In my dreams’ fidget spinner, then who will? Enjoy the most superior experience of friction-free and high quality, yet out of the box fidget spinners given in the guide above.

A reminder: keep it away from the reach of children below 5 years of age.

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