Best Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women In 2020

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Ever Since the beginning of our mankind, women have been constantly complaining about being less privileged than the men. Well, I don’t find a reason why we shouldn’t complain? After all, the most important body function of urination is also not in our favorable conditions. While men can urinate almost anywhere and everywhere, women have to check for her safety in this persona, too. Why? Because we are designed to urinate in a sitting position and expose the sensitive genital area to the infections, bacteria, yeast and fungus on a toilet seat. But most often, public toilets are dirtier than a dustbin, and the other times most women come home with fatal UTI diseases just because she had to use a dirty washroom due to nature’s call. Anyway, we can’t just change the way human bodies have been designed but we can somehow bring a change. Ladies, your dream if peeing in standing position has finally come true because we now have a urinary device. Without getting into too many details about the urinary device, read below. Given below is a guide to buying a urinary device followed by top 3 Best Disposable Female Urinary Device in India in 2020. Say no to diseases and infectious dirty toilets and yes to the urinary device!

Guide to Buying a Urinary Device

  • This device is designed in such a shape, so that you can insert in down there and simply urinate while standing, without having to squat on or exposing all your genitals.
  • The urinary device is of two types: disposable and reusable.
  • While it is most evident that you will have to thoroughly wash and sanitize your urinary device after every use, some women might find it gross.
  • If not, you should invest in a reusable urinary device.
  • If yes, then buy a disposable, cardboard made the urinary device.
  • Remember to thoroughly wash it after every use.
  • Read the manual to know how to use it properly without any spillage which is present in each urinary device package.
  • Do not hold it from below, it is always suggested to hold it from the stem and push it towards your anus so that you don’t cause any spillages and wet yourself.


Top 3 Best Disposable, Portable Female Urinary Device for Women in India in 2020


  1. PEEBUDDY Disposable Urinary Device for Women

Best Disposable Female Urinary Device


  • This PEEBUDDY urinary tract is for those women who wish to dispose of away the device after each use.
  • It is truly a made in India invention.
  • The PEEBUDDY urinary tract is made of recyclable paper which also means that you are not harming our nature.
  • The cardboard is coated with a waterproof material which is designed such that you throw it away after single use.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars


  1. ENEM P-easy Portable and Travel Urinary Funnel Device for Women

Best Disposable Female Urinary Device


  • It is a funnel-shaped, purple colored urinary device.
  • It has a unique pointed stem which is designed precisely to angle the urine away from your body and thus, cause no mess.
  • It has a tiny size of 15 cm length which means you can carry it easily during your travels.
  • It has a waterproof coating which means you don’t have to wash it every now and then.
  • Rating: 4 stars


  1. UTIMI Silicone Portable Female Urination Device

Best Disposable Female Urinary Device


  • It is a high-grade silicone made a urinary device which is most loved by women from all over the world.
  • It has a unique narrow face which is specially designed for comfortable fitting in your area down there.
  • The pointed stem is to make sure that urine is expelled out in an angled form away from your body.
  • It comes with a special air proof pouch to keep it safe from infections and bacteria’s.
  • It is child safe, which means little girls can use it, too.
  • Rating: 4 stars


Now say yes to a healthy body and healthy mind. Now no women should ever have to hold it in just because the toilets are too dirty, spreads disease and unsafe!

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