Top 4 Best Bucket Mops in India 2020

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Cleanliness is a must, but taking out time for the same is a great thing to ask for. Considering the fact that we now have a busy and hectic lifestyle, we all wish for something on the go and really easy to operate. This is where mops came in to help us in our daily life yet keeping up the house cleaning chores with least hassle. No more clothes dipping into water, and twisting them before bending down and crawling throughout the place to clean. Come on, we all know how hectic it is, imagine doing it at the beginning of the day and then working at the office. Well, if you don’t plan to spend your day with backaches and muscle burns, make friends with the cleaning mop.

To make the choice easy for you, here is a list of best mops in India that customer has lives using. They will he budget friendly and easy to use with longevity.

Spin Mop Buying Guide:

Housing cleaning could be a difficult task, but the cleaning could be made easy if you succeed in getting yourself the right spin mop. A spin mop not only makes cleaning easy but also makes cleaning faster and efficient. All you need to do is, consider the factors mentioned below.

  1. Space size: Spin mops come in different sizes, first consider the size of your house/office/cleaning area and then purchase a spin mop of suitable size accordingly.
  2. Design and construction: Always remember, the best products come from top brands and they manufacture and market products with consistent quality and features.
  3. Material: Spin mops are made of different materials, it is best recommended that you avoid purchasing a product made of 100% plastic as they could break or leak easily.
  4. Ease of use: Spin mops come with different features and specification, purchasing the product is totally your personal choice, however, consider buying a product, which is easy to use.
  5. Price: Price is not the factor that decides quality, do not check the price alone and purchase the product. Check the brand, the features, and then purchase the product.

With all these things being said, it is very important that you check the product description before actually purchasing the product.

  1. Esquire Spin Mop

 Esquire Spin Mop with 360° Spin


  • It is made from an extremely absorbent material to effectively clean the floor.
  • Its 360-degree mop end jess best for draining and cleaning in hideous corners.
  • You can easily bend the mop from 45 to 180 degrees without any difficulty.
  • Its long-lasting robust handle and mop are fit for use on an everyday basis.
  • The mop is made of a washable material to ensure it is free from any bacterial growths.
  • Rating: 3.5 stars


  • The microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning the floor most efficiently.
  • With the help of robust handle, you can easily clean the toughest of the stains without putting in much energy.


  • This cleaning mop comes with very few extra mop adjustments.


  1. Spotzero by Milton Spin Mop Cleaner

Spotzero by Milton Elite Spin Mop with Bigger Wheels


  • This cleansing mop bucket is made of most durable and thick material which can take as much pressure as you give.
  • The handle comes with height adjustment feature so that you can efficiently mop the floor without much hassle and great ease.
  • This mop also comes with a liquid dispenser and a holder to store disinfectant.
  • It has big wheels installed below the tub so that you don’t have to lift and drag it from room to room.
  • The 360 degree enabling cleaning angle makes the cleaning process quick and efficient.
  • Rating: 4 stars


  • This mop cleaner is great to be used every day with great efficiency and ease.
  • It is durable which ensures longevity for this one-time investment.
  • Its drainer is made if thick plastic so that it does not break while draining the mop.
  • This mop comes with a one-year long warranty


  • It is the most expensive of all the models on the list.


  1. Prestige Clean Home Magic Mop

 Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic Mop (Blue)


  • This mop has an impressive quantity of 7 liters.
  • It comes with 2 extra mop heads which are made of microfiber cloth which ensures the best and most effective cleaning effect.
  • Its light yet durable composure is easy to lift and use without a fear of breakage or leakage.
  • The bucket has a partition which is aesthetically designed for drainage and mop drowning.
  • It has height adjustment feature which is made possible by the two-rod system.
  • The mop bucket has 2 hind wheels for easy transporting around the house while you are cleaning.
  • Rating: 4 stars


  • This high-grade plastic made mop is best for an effective cleaning without hurting your back.
  • It comes with 6 years of warranty period.
  • The microfiber cloth has good water holding capacity which makes for the best cleaner.
  • This mop has 360 degree of spinner which is not plastic made but stainless steel.


  • This mop does not have height adjustment feature.


  1. Holme’s Magic Floor Mop

Best Bucket Mops in India


  • This mop is made of highest quality first class plastic for longest durability.
  • Its versatile design has a 360-degree spin draining bucket.
  • The mop bucket is specially designed to cause no spillage and shocks.
  • This mop will ensure you don’t have to get your hands or clothes in warm or cold weather, whatsoever.
  • The push and pull mechanism in the mop handle makes it convenient to adjust the height.
  • The microfiber cloth that makes up the mop is highly efficient to clean with.
  • Rating: 4 stars


  • Its bucket is made of lightweight material so that it can be lifted easily.
  • It has a capacity of 5 liters which can store an effective amount of liquid in it.
  • With the 360-degree spinning bucket, its microfiber mop is drained of any extra moisture yet containing enough for cleaning.
  • This mop cleaner comes with 5 extra mop adjustments.


  • Its bucket does not have wheels attached to it which makes it harder to lift and transport.


Having a mop is extremely important for those who self-clean their homes. This list had the top 4 mop cleaners for you to choose from. Just set your budget and choose any one of the above-given mops for the superior cleaning experience.

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